Andrea + Kent

Speaking of animal lovers, we met Andrea & Kent at their house this weekend for their engagement session and met their adorable poodle named Charley. He was very photogenic and ready and willing to be in every shot. :) I promised him I’d make him famous on the blog so here you go Charley!!
Gotta show off the ring from Tiffany’s of course! 😉
John got this shot when Melissa & I weren’t looking….LOL…I LOVED it!! Charley’s collar said “Top Paw” on it. John is becoming quite the photojournalist these days.
And another cute one with a bright pink tongue, I think he was smiling for me. :)
Andrea & Kent’s house is gorgeous…hardwood floors throughout and they had this cute little office room upstairs with fabulous window light. We decided to teach them how to dip & kiss for a shot in that room and Charley quickly joined them…apparently, he has a thing for feet so it was only fitting that I got the shot as he started sniffing her feet…he’s so funny…
And one without Charley…(sorry Charley) LOL ….aren’t they HOT together!? :) We actually took this shot in one of their bathrooms. I loved the warm toned wall colors and had to take advantage of that for a few shots…
Then we went outside for some pictures on their porch and Charley was sad he didn’t get to go. John got this shot from inside as we stepped out for a minute. :)
LOVED this….even though it was drizzling outside, there were so many trees overhead that we were able to get a few shots before it started to rain again…they are so cute together….
Another favorite…I love angled shots that lead your eye to an off-set subject…it makes the image so much more interesting.
Thanks for a great time you guys! I’m sure everyone will be seeing a lot more of you two in November after the wedding. :)