Vegas – Day 1…


I loved the bright blue skies when we left for Vegas, doesn't it look like we're headed into orbit or something?! LOL We actually left a few days earlier than most photographers since we signed up for the WPPI Plus class with the world renowned Australian photographer, Yervant. They limit the Plus classes to about 20 people per class so it's super hard to get into them…(all 8 classes ended up selling out fast!) I was literally hitting the "refresh" button every few minutes (around midnight) while waiting for the WPPI registration site to go live a few months ago so here's a tip to all of you photographer blog stalkers out there – if you know you want to go to WPPI next year, be prepared to register the moment the site goes live in order to get into all of the classes you want!!

Anyway, back to Day 1…we arrived safely in Vegas and got all of our luggage. I knew after having a hard time getting everything to fit into 1 suitcase last year that we'd be better off bringing an extra one with us and it definitely paid off…except for the fact that we had to rent a limo to get to the hotel. (darn!) 😉 All 4 suitcases and 3 carry-ons wouldn't fit into a cab for sure!! LOL We stayed at the Paris Hotel, same as last year, and the convention was at Paris & Bally's. Here's the limo driver dealing with all of my pink luggage…LOL


Check out this display in the lobby of the Paris Hotel…only in Vegas would you see this…LOL Oh, and they do sell those cake toppers in the gift shop!  


We unpacked our stuff and then headed out for a stroll after dinner…here's the Eiffel Tower at night… 


We watched the fountains at the Bellagio twice…it's all synchronized to music and it's AMAZING…John uploaded this video to YouTube – CLICK HERE to check it out!  


Then we went inside to take more pics…the garden area was under construction when we stopped by (they were switching out their decor for the Easter season) but I managed to get some cool shots of their lobby and of some of the stores inside.  


Jean Phillipe's was an amazing pastry shop at the Bellagio…these desserts were way too pretty to eat – so we didn't…we just took pics! LOL 


Then I noticed they do wedding cakes!! AMAZING stuff…I've posted some closer up detail shots in case any of you want to use these as inspiration for your wedding… 


Oh and these "bags" were made out of cake and fondant….WOW! 


Our hotel at night… 


The reflecting pool…. 


More pics to come soon! :)