Congratulations Mom!


On 5/18 we celebrated my mom's graduation with a small party at her house and then we all went out to the Cheesecake Factory afterwards, it was a busy weekend of celebrations! :) My grandparents came over from Terre Haute and we all took pictures with mom…even her dog Mandy wanted to be in the pictures! My mom found this cute little dog graduation outfit at Build-A-Bear for her but she wiggled too much to keep the hat on for very long. LOL


The typical Mandy pose…ever since mom brought her home, she's been laying on her shoulder like this. Isn't it precious?! :)  


Congratulations mom!! We're so proud of you!!! :)  


She found this Mandy look alike cake at Marsh, complete with a food and water bowl! Apparently there were two cupcakes under all of that icing. LOL 


LOL She started out sniffing it to check it out and quickly realized it was edible. :)  


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    1. Catlin Humes May 29th, 2008 at 11:10 am

      Aww Congrats to your mom, I am also graduating today (from High School though). I bet she is proud of herself! I love the photos of her and the dog, they are so cute!