Sunday’s Bridal Show Info!


I just wanted to post some additional info for those of you who are planning on attending Sunday's bridal show! :) We have almost 400 RSVPs already so we're expecting a great turn out! :)

1. Location/Parking Info – Allisonville Nursery is located at: 11405 Allisonville Road, Fishers, IN 46038. There will be police officers directing traffic at the entrance and should the parking lot be full, we have overflow lots set up across the street in the medical plaza and behind Taco Bell to the north of the nursery. Allisonville Road is an extremely busy street so use caution when crossing and allow the officers to direct you across the street. The show runs from 3-7 p.m. so plan to spend at least an hour or two there on Sunday.

2. Gift Bag Information – Every hour on the hour we will be handing out gift bags to the first 50 brides through the front door! These blue beach bags are filled with approximately $1,500 in giveaways, gift cards, coupons and wedding-related freebies! Make sure you're in line at the top of each hour (3 p.m, 4 p.m, 5 p.m or 6 p.m.) to have a better chance at receiving one of the gift bags. The registration lines will be split in two this Sunday, one will be for the brides who RSVP'd (if you haven't RSVP'd, CLICK HERE now!) and the other will be for the brides who did not RSVP. This should help you get through the line quicker since you will not be asked to fill out all of the info you filled out online through the RSVP link. You will need to have your name checked off of our RSVP list and you will receive a sticker to wear indicating that you are the bride and then you'll be finished with the registration process. We're expecting a heavy crowd at the beginning of the show so if you plan to arrive towards the beginning, we suggest that you arrive at 2:30 to get in line. We will allow brides to begin registering at 2:45 to help everyone get through the door quickly at 3 p.m.

3. Booth Giveaways – Although you won't have to fill out your information at the registration table again if you've already RSVP'd, many vendors will have additional giveaways at their individual booths. Save yourself a lot of time and make pre-printed labels before this weekend! Here's what typically needs to be on your label: Bride's name, Groom's name, address, city, state, zip, phone number (if you want to be called), a valid e-mail address (a MUST!) and your wedding date. A few vendors may ask for more specific information which you can write in as needed but that will save you a lot of time.

4. What to Bring – Bring a notebook, pen and a small digital camera with you so that you can take pictures of unique ideas and write down who you want to contact after the show. Sometimes after you've seen many vendors, they all start to look alike and afterwards, you may forget who was who! Also, bring your calendar with you if you'd like to book appointments at the show and bring your check book or credit card if you plan on securing services at the show. Every vendor is a little different when it comes to booking at the shows but at Erin Hession Photography, we typically do not book weddings on the spot because we want to meet with you and make sure that we are a good fit (style and personality) for each of our clients, rather than booking dates in a frenzy. Once the show is over though, we usually have many brides e-mailing and calling for appointments and a lot of the brides have the same wedding dates. Since we only take on one wedding per day though, you'll want to book an appointment ASAP afterwards so that you'll be more likely to be able to reserve your date with us and many other vendors.

5. What to Wear – Wear comfortable shoes! :) (Comfort outweighs the "cute factor" when choosing shoes for Sunday ladies!) Even though Allisonville Nursery is a smaller venue, you'll probably be doing a lot of walking and standing so wear comfy shoes that day. Also, leave your coat in the car if possible. It will be one less thing to carry around since you'll be coming out with lots of bags of samples, brochures and information.

6. What to Do – Talk to vendors & have fun! Most of the food & beverages will be located inside the nursery (we will also have chilled bottled water stations for you) so fill up and then head out to the tent where dozens more wedding professionals will be awaiting your arrival! Plan to stop by our booth, we'll be in the tent near Beach Bum Vacation's booth and we're looking forward to meeting all of you!