Mary’s Field Training Graduation!

On 8/5, we made a quick trip down to Alabama to watch my sister graduate from Air Force Field Training at Maxwell AFB in Alabama! She spent 4 long weeks in Alabama & Mississippi this Summer in the extreme heat and managed to survive & make a ton of new friends along the way. :) We managed to make it a fun little getaway for all of us of course & we stayed at the Renaissance in Montgomery (highly recommend ~ their staff is soooo nice!) and we ate at some great restaurants during our 3 day mini trip. Since it was John’s b-day week, we even surprised him with singing waitresses on the first night. :) The hotel restaurant had this really cool color wall that would change colors every few seconds so we took some fun “couples” shots in front of that then the next morning we got up early and went to the parade on the base. We got to meet a lot of Mary’s new friends, take photos, see her sleeping quarters & even take her out for lunch! After we left the base, we found a cute little outdoor mall (think Clay Terrace) and got some shopping in before heading back to the hotel to pack up for the flight home the next day. Of course, we managed to find a pet store along the way and Leah found a new furbaby friend that she wanted to take home with us! LOL! Since we were traveling home on John’s b-day, we decided to delay all parties until this coming weekend so I’ll post those pics next week!! 😉