exZUBERant Celebration of LIFE!

On 8/25 we photographed Jeff Zuber’s exZUBERant Celebration of Life party in Noblesville. My husband John is friends with Jeff (and a lot of his close friends) and he mentioned to me that Jeff has been suffering from colon cancer. :( One of our awesome mutual friends, Chris Reed, decided to put together a celebration of life party for Jeff and his closest friends and family. I offered to photograph the event, I knew it would be important for everyone in attendance to have great memories of an amazing night, a night which Jeff now refers to as the “best night of his life.” :) Guests decorated Jeff’s backyard to give it a party atmosphere, everyone pitched in and brought food & drinks, they made a tribute video to Jeff, people signed notes and cards for him to read after the event & there were many hugs and tears shed that evening as Jeff’s friends said their good byes. I would love it if my blog followers would consider donating to Jeff’s family. He will soon be leaving behind five children. :( You can donate to his family online at: http://exzuberant.eventbrite.com/ To view all of the photos from the event, go to: http://erinhession.com/exzuberant-celebration/