August 2007


Tonight we photographed the Rake family at Holcomb Gardens…they were all so much fun and I loved how they were all dressed alike, how cute! 🙂 Terry (the mom) is a corporate event coordinator so she & I have worked together for years on various corporate events and parties. She wanted us to take some pics for her family Christmas cards this year and even though it was super HOT tonight, they were all troopers and we got some awesome shots. I loved the sun flare & shadows from tonight's sunset (above) and Terry fell in love with this weeping willow tree by the bridge. I have a fun infrared action in photoshop that I used on this one to give it that snowy/dreamy effect….LOVED it!


And another favorite…you'll be seeing more of Jonathan (her oldest son) this Fall when we do his senior portraits! 🙂 


Thanks for a great time tonight you guys!! 🙂 

Tonight John & I tried the Melting Pot for the first time….loved it! Super romantic and delicious…yummm!! I was a little freaked out at first when I realized you cook the food at the table yourself (including the meat) and considering I'm not a chef – at ALL – I was hoping it would taste ok. (John says I make Easy Mac hard…LOL) 🙂 Surprisingly it all turned out great, we tried the mexican fiesta cheese appetizer and I had the chicken with their teriyaki sauce and then we had milk chocolate/Oreo fondue for dessert! Tonight was a very belated anniversary celebration….my parents had planned for us to enjoy a romantic, private dinner on the beach in Mexico when we were there last month but when we arrived, we found out that the dinners on the beach are set up right in front of a restaurant full of people watching you…not very private. LOL So this was a much better alternative…:) Their private booths for two were awesome…you snuggle in, cook your meal together, talk and enjoy each other's company, it was the perfect date night. We spent about 2 hours there, it's definitely a "take your time" kind of date. 🙂meltingpot.jpg

Although most of our inquiries are for 2008 and 2009 right now, I just wanted to put this info out there in case anyone is considering a holiday wedding or corporate event, we only have two Saturdays still available for the remainder of this year – December 1st and December 8th. Of course, we still have some Fridays and Sundays available too but in case you or anyone you know is choosing a date and would like us to photograph the event, contact us ASAP if your event date is going to be 12/1 or 12/8. Thanks! 🙂