October 2007

After Ingrid & Chris's engagement session, we headed to Carmel to photograph Haley's senior portraits at her home. She & her sister are just adorable and they had 3 adorable furbabies that we were able to photograph too! (You all know how much I ADORE animals!!) 🙂 This session was a bit different for us though, Haley's mom wanted very traditional senior portraits so we had to scale our "artsy-ness" back quite a bit…we did manage to get a few artsy shots that Haley will probably love but wanted to post some of the more traditional shots on here so her mom could preview them. 😉 Here's the one that I think she'll use for the canvas print she wants to hang over her fire place…love it!


And here's one of their furbabies…. 


More pics of Haley… 


And "Phantom" the cat…..this cat was so funny, one minute he was down by their creek and the next minute, I saw him in the foyer! At least we know how he got his name! 🙂 


And here's Jake, their other dog…


Thanks for a fun time Haley! 🙂 


On Sunday, we photographed Chris & Ingrid's engagement session at Holcomb Gardens…it was so cool because we had John & Jennifer Moon from Northernlight Filmworks by our sides during the photo shoot! Ingrid & Chris had a love story video included in their video package so they filmed our engagement shoot with them, how cool is that?! 🙂 They were both great to work with and had a lot of fabulous ideas!


One of my favorite shots to do this fall has been the "leaf toss-up shot"….we had great back light that day and beautiful leaves to work with! (And great subjects of course!) 😉


Did I mention the weather was PERFECT on Sunday afternoon?! 🙂 


Aren't they adorable together?  


I hope we all didn't intimidate them! LOL Having 5 people around you with cameras could be a bit intimidating I'm sure…all while I'm asking them to act natural and forget about all of us…LOL….Diana got this shot…I'm on the left, John Moon is behind me, "my" John is in front of the couple blocking the sun from their eyes and Jennifer was getting the low angle shot on the right…I think this was a well documented event! 😀  


I added a fisheye lens to the paparazzi shot…. 




John from Northernlight doing his thing…:) (I'll post the video on here when they send it over…I hope I'm not in it!! LOL ….you know video adds 10 pounds right?) ;p just kidding… 


YAY!! Happy to be getting married! 🙂 


Congrats you guys!! Can't wait for your wedding in January! 🙂 


On Saturday, we photographed Valarie & Jeff's wedding at Pleasant View Lutheran Church and their reception at Lumiere du Corps. They are such a fun and sweet couple to work with, you probably remember this post from about 2 weeks ago when we shot their engagement session…unfortunately, Hunter could not be part of their wedding day (furbabies weren't allowed at the venues…LOL) but he did make it into their engagement folio which I brought with me to the wedding on Saturday and it was a huge hit. 🙂 Valarie had a lot of cool details including this basket that she decorated in their colors, bling in her flowers and each table was named something different at the reception. They even had a "Match.com" table (they met on that site) and I got a few pics of them with the sign….maybe Match.com will want it? 🙂 Anyway, on with their pictures!! The handsome groom hanging out before the ceremony….


Gorgeous flowers! 


Loved the window light!! The sanctuary was kind of dark so we utilized this window for some of their pics. 🙂 Always looking for good light, ya know? 


Valarie looked STUNNING!! (loved the neck bling!) 🙂 


One of the church ladies told us about this secret hideaway room so before their petal toss, we threw on the fisheye lense and snuck back there for a few silhouettes with the stained glass window… loved it! 


Petals everywhere!! 


They even ended up on her train….I overheard so many people say "Oh, that's so cool…look at the flowers on her train!!" as they passed by them so this shot is for all of you who saw what we saw that day! 🙂


Valarie loved my "rings in the roses" shot that she saw us do for other weddings so we replicated that just for her. 😉 


It had been an overcast day up until the time for bride & groom pics after the wedding…the sun came out just in the nick of time! Loved the sunburst and flare!! 


As we were driving behind them to Lumiere, we saw these looming clouds ahead! I couldn't help but think of THIS wedding and think OMG, not again!! LOL Luckily the rain held off and we got a lot of outdoor photos at Lumiere….and don't worry mom, I wasn't shooting while driving. 😉 


I had to put this pic on here….Valarie is SO SWEET and even had a corsage for me that day!! I pinned it to my shootsac and I've preserved it this week by freeze drying it. The best part was that it was pink & green!! 😀 Thank you Valarie for being so adorably sweet…you really didn't have to do that!


Loved this cake detail shot… 


Lumiere had fall leaves attached to the pillars around the pool, they looked really festive!




So cute! 


YUM!! Lumiere did the cake and catering and did a great job that night…. 


Valarie dancing with dad… 


Brian from Sergi Productions was their videographer, he did a great job…and yes, that's the DJ behind him. LOL 


Congrats you guys!! Hope you're having fun in Mexico this week!! 😀 


Laura contacted us a few weeks ago about doing a boudoir shoot in her home so that she'd have an album of pics to wrap up for her hubby's upcoming b-day! She looked AMAZING and gave us permission to post these pics from last week's photo shoot…. 🙂 




Isn't she gorgeous?! Her eyes are SO beautiful….Karen Hall & Co. did her make-up for the photo shoot! 🙂 




Laura found this shot with super dramatic lighting from a Victoria's Secret ad and asked if we could replicate it….YUP!!! 🙂 We posed her in the same position up against her bedroom wall then I had Diana pop me some side light while I shot with no flash…AMAZING! 


And here's what Laura was standing on during that shot (to give her some more height)….LOL…we found out she's a biochemist!! Looks like all of those chemistry books were put to good use…:) 


Loved it!! 


Her hubby will LOVE this one!!  


This outfit was SO cute! I highly recommend shopping at Victoria's Secret and looking through their catalogs for posing ideas before doing a boudoir shoot….you'll have cute new outfits to show off and great posing ideas already thought out before your shoot. Laura had lots of catalogs on her dining room table when we walked in that night, she was so prepared!! 🙂 (Oh, and she had a CD of music already playing which helps too!)


And Laura's puppy, Lucy, had to be in on the shoot too! 🙂 LOL She liked my feather boa!!  


A lot! 🙂 


Thanks for a great time Laura!! (And thank your sister for her help too….we can't wait to do her session next!) 🙂


Erica & Jason are getting married next June and they are so adorable (and funny!) together! 🙂 We started to have them do some leaf fighting shots and before they could even get started, Jason dumped a pile of leaves on Erica!! (Don't worry, she got him back) LOL  


This is one of my all time faves!!! Look how big her smile is here…. 😀




Another gorgeous day with another gorgeous couple! Doesn't she look like Helen Hunt? (Loved her in "Mad About You") 🙂 




Congrats you guys!! Can't wait to shoot your wedding next June! 🙂