FREE Valentine’s Day gift for the winning idea!


I have a fun game for all of my blog stalkers to play today…it doesn't matter if you're a vendor….a client of ours…another photographer…a friend or family member….a random person who stumbled upon this blog…whatever! 🙂 Last night, we booked a bride whose last name is "Cook" and her hubby's last name is "Baker"…when she first started dating him, her friend had asked her what his last name was and since this particular friend calls her "Cookie" (because of her last name) she said, "oh, how cute…when you guys get married, you'll be baking cookies!" LOL Well, this random joke stuck with them and now we're looking for creative (but preferably not corny – if possible) ways to incorporate this into their wedding. Here is your mission: come up with an idea that incorporates one or both of them in the "baking cookies" theme or concept and submit your idea along with your name & e-mail address to us at [email protected] Our bride gets to choose the best idea and whoever wins, I'll be sending them either a 4 piece cookie bouquet or a giant decorated cookie from Cookies By Design this Valentine's Day (or before). 🙂 The cut off for idea submissions will be this Sunday evening, 1/27 at midnight so get your ideas in today! 



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