The New York Times & SEO


I know, I know…from my title, you're probably wondering what the New York Times has to do with search engine optimization…apparently, a lot! 🙂 I received a call today from the NY Times wanting to interview us for a story they're doing on weddings, proposals, etc. I was ecstatic, only to find out that they were looking for proposal photographers specifically and we've yet to have a groom find us before the actual proposal. 🙁 So, I had to pass them along to another well known photographer out in California who I know has captured proposals before.google2.jpg

But then I got to thinking…I know the NY Times found me online – but how? After some back tracking, I typed in "Proposal Photographers" in Google just to see what happens and bam! We are #1 in Google under that term!! (Even above WeddingChannel.com and WeddingWire.com) LOL It's the funniest thing, John & I put that page together on my website because we were wanting to shoot some proposals but the brides tend to get to us after the grooms propose so I was actually considering taking it off my new website that we're working on for 2008 – how funny is that?! Guess I'd better keep it. 😉 So with that said, I've drawn two conclusions today, #1 – if you're a guy hoping to propose soon please contact us ASAP so we can capture it for you!! (Who knows, your pics might become famous?!) 🙂 And #2, John, our SEO expert web developer is beyond amazing…to come up #1 in Google and have the New York Times calling because of that just blows my mind. He is working on putting together a workshop for anyone interested in learning the SEO techniques that he uses and if you're interested in attending his class when he's got all of the details worked out or if you are interested in getting some one-on-one help with SEO or your website in the meantime, e-mail him at [email protected]



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