Jennifer & TJ…trashed the dress!

Last weekend, we photographed Jennifer’s trash the dress session at her friend’s farm house and barn in Selma, Indiana. Jennifer and her husband TJ were married a few months ago but she decided to spend one more day in her gorgeous dress before preserving it. 🙂 She even brought their furbaby along to the photo shoot…so of course, we had to get some adorable photos of her too!!

There was a cherry tree nearby so we took some pics with that…

Then we took some cute shots of the two of them together…so in love…:)

Then it was time to get a little more dirty…

She wanted some shots with her horse, Redford. (Yes, as in Robert Redford…how cool is that?!) 🙂

I had the fisheye lens on me and wanted to get some quirky/fun candids with that…the fisheye always looks so funny when you use it on animals. They’re so unpredictable and it really exagerates their features which makes for some HILARIOUS photos…check THESE OUT!!! 🙂

Mr. Ed has a twin! LOL

LOL!!! I kept tempting fate and hoping he wasn’t hungry for my camera…I got as close as I could to his mouth and this turned out to be my favorite shot from that sequence. 🙂 I think this shot belongs in a horse magazine, don’t you?!

Cowgirl at heart 🙂

Jennifer was hoping this Mustang would be ready to use for their wedding day transportation and it didn’t quite get refinished in time…but it worked out perfectly for her trash the dress shoot!! LOL

John’s angle…loved it 🙂

LOL ….yes, TJ is standing IN the car here! 🙂


Jennifer saw this shot on our site and wanted to replicate it…we aim to please! 🙂

Then it was time to get super dirty…and WET!! We drove down to a local bridge & lake for some awesome water shots. It was SOOOOO hot that day, I’m sure it felt good for them to get in the water!


Yep, successfully trashed! 🙂

Thanks for a fun time at your photo shoot, we have SO many awesome pics!! More coming soon! 🙂




  • Monday, July 14, 2008

    When I first saw that photo of TJ in the car I was like “What!?” lol. I love the shot of the Bride in the cowboy hat, making it black and white really gives it a little something extra.

  • Monday, July 14, 2008

    Jennifer Strange

    I LOVE the pictures, cant wait to see the rest, you guys did an awesome job. The pics with redford are my fav.

  • Wednesday, July 16, 2008

    All the pics are great! I love the one in the water of them kissing and I really LOVE the horse pics so funny and so good. I love when the animals smile for the pics too, lol!

  • Tuesday, July 22, 2008


    …ran back upstairs to finish cking email and Chelsea’s lookin over my shoulder and we loove the water dip&kiss and the horse shots!!!

    She also said she wants to do a boudour pic and my reply was “no way jose”….

    Know where I can buy a burka?