3% away from the top spot!

Some of you may have missed my previous post about this year’s A-List competition so I thought I’d post about it again! 😉 Last year, there were a LOT of photographers competing for the top 5 spots and this year, there’s even MORE…like nearly 100 the last time I counted. So we need your help! We’ve been nominated again this year (thank you, thank you!!!) and everyone is so “neck and neck” in this competition that you can’t tell it from the current standings (unless you’re logged in and voted for us) but we’re ONLY 3% away from the #1 spot! So, if you think our work is fab and want us to be in the top 5 again this year, please GO VOTE today by CLICKING HERE!! 🙂




  • Friday, July 18, 2008

    Andi Cook

    VOTED!!! Because you & your team are simply the BEST!!