Let’s talk about fun stuff!

I’m taking a break from posting pics tonight to post some fun links! 🙂 I wanted to briefly showcase a few blog posts from Social Couture’s blog. By creating the right lighting & ambiance to your wedding & reception, you’re setting the stage for FANTASTIC pictures…I know I’ve posted about this topic of lighting before but I ran across this great post tonight that had some more samples and suggestions. CLICK HERE to check it out!! 🙂

I found another post on their site about creative centerpieces too! I love it when I see vibrant colors and unique ideas incorporated into great centerpieces. CLICK HERE to check out that blog post as well!

Oh and one more thing…(yeah, Social Couture is one of my all time FAVE blogs…) but they also posted about “Make-Up for a steal” which featured e.l.f. (eyes, lips, face) which looks like fab make-up for dirt cheap!? Has anyone tried their stuff? I’m in shock that their website looks fantastic, their product line looks expansive and it appears that most everything is $1. I could see how brides would flock to this site to buy spa/make-up products to use as party favors and things like that! 🙂 Has anyone had a personal experience with this company? Is it too good to be true?! LOL If this is for real, my sisters are going to go crazy over this!!! 😀



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