Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July everyone!! 🙂 What a crazy month it’s been!! I can’t tell you all how glad I am to see July get here…I don’t think I’ve EVER been almost a month behind in blogging but to say June was crazy would be an understatement. For those of you who follow us on Facebook, you already know a lot of what happened but just to give you an idea of our month, here it goes….let’s see…it started with the hail storm at the beginning of the month…in a mere few minutes, we had almost $20,000 worth of damage to our home…holes in our siding, our roof took a beating, window screens looked like golf balls went through them…our back porch needs to be gutted pretty much, it was a mess.

Then the day after that happened, my glasses broke in half…yeah, it’s kinda hard to work if you can’t see! LOL So my eye doctor called in a rush order but then ordered the wrong frames so there were multiple trips all over town to get that mess fixed. Then a few days later, we started hearing this bubbling sound coming from our toilets. (By then, I’m thinking “what now?!” LOL) and sure enough, we woke up the next morning to our house flooded. Sometime in the middle of the night, the washer line backed up and water and sludge ended up all over our laundry room floor, entryway floor, living room carpet and it even made its way through the walls and into our home office. It was disgusting!! We called a plumber and they fixed whatever happened but then we had to call the flood restoration people after that…can I just say the guys at Smith Mathis are AWESOME?! OMG They soaked up all of the water, helped move furniture and brought in huge commercial fans to dry the carpet and drywall and they were so nice to work with. If anyone ever has to go through that, I would totally recommend them!

So yeah, we got that whole mess cleaned up, meanwhile we have contractors, insurance people and roofers knocking on our door almost every day trying to get our business for fixing all of the hail damage. These people came out of the woodwork almost immediately! One company even had a whole team of trucks and salespeople going door to door, it was nuts. A few days after that, we were getting ready to pack up for a wedding and our power went out during more strong storms. (What was up with all of the rain in June?!?!) So we sat in the dark waiting for it to come back on and making back up plans for the next morning in case we had no power when we woke up. Luckily it all finally came back on in time! In the midst of all of that, we had 15 photo shoots (weddings & portraits) and a bridal show to coordinate in the month of June.

Since I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason though, I’ve tried to focus on the positives that came out of the craziness….we’re getting a brand new roof for FREE…new siding…new screens…new porch flooring…I got new glasses that I LOVE…John & I got to spend the night at the new Hotel Indigo while our carpet & drywall dried out overnight…the bridal show was a complete success…we were nominated for the A-List again and we had a lot of awesome photo shoots throughout the entire month of June that are begging to be blogged now! LOL

So please continue to be patient with me while I attempt to catch up with about a month’s worth of editing events, blogging, etc. John & I are going on a much needed vacation soon but all of our June clients will be receiving a gift card for some FREE reprints since you’ve waited much longer than usual to see your previews & pics. 😉 With that said, we hope everyone has a great holiday today and HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!!!!!!!!! (Above pic taken at last night’s wedding….yep, they had fireworks during the reception, isn’t that awesome?!) 🙂




  • Monday, July 6, 2009

    Cassie Pershing


    Your artistic eye never seizes to amaze us! These pictures are amazing and we feel VERY fortunate to have had our special moments captured by you, John, and Diana! Chase and I can’t wait to see the rest of our pictures! In the meantime, we hope that you and John enjoy your vacation…YOU DESERVE IT!

    Thanks again,
    Cassie and Chase