August 2009

On 8/23, we had fun photographing Denis and his family at Holcomb Gardens! 🙂 Denis & Annette have 3 adorably cute kids!! This photo shoot was actually a gift for Denis from his assistant, Amy…he must have the coolest assistant ever, huh? 🙂

LOL Love this one 🙂

And this one… “Ring around the rosie”….

🙂 Super cute!


Thanks for a fun time you guys!! Hope we can make this a yearly tradition for your family! 🙂

On 8/22, we photographed Jackie & Matt’s wedding and reception at The Bridgewater Club! They got SO lucky with the weather that day, it had rained right before we arrived but then just as we were starting pictures, it stopped raining and the sun eventually came out! YAY! 🙂

Adding the hair bling…she found those on Etsy, loved it!

The ring bearer’s pillow…

She almost lost her veil once from the wind but of course, it made for great photos! 🙂

Loved it!!

Loved their petal aisle…

LOL I can totally see this as a background shot in their album! What do you think? Maybe put the photos of her with the girls under their feet here? 🙂

They’re so cute together! We headed up to the bridge for a few photos…

Loved the sepia version too…

Classic Cakes did a fabulous job on her cake!!

They choreographed their first dance…

Showing off the bling! 🙂

Jackie told me she loves our cool ring shots…and with an amazing ring like hers, I can see why! 🙂

We even thought we’d try something a little different and put them in their champagne glass…look at all of the bubbles!

Thanks for a fun time! Hope you had fun in the Florida Keys! 🙂

On 8/15, we photographed Lindsey & Andrew’s beautiful wedding & reception at the Columbia Club! Karen Hall & Company was on site working on Lindsey’s make-up when we arrived…she’s so AMAZING!!

Some cool black and whites…

Our handsome groom, Andrew….this wall was so architecturally awesome with amazing window light coming in too, loved it!

Lindsey and her BFF Kristin – whose birthday is today!! Happy Birthday Kristin! 🙂

LOVED this one of Lindsey!!

And of course, I ADORED her pink flowers!!

She’s so beautiful!!

Check out the bling! 🙂

FAVORITE!! This silhouette is so stunning, I may just have to make this a sample pic in my office…

Loved the petal aisle!

Andrew’s grandparents sitting together…so cute 🙂

After the ceremony, we headed outside to the monument for some fun photos with everyone!


The day wouldn’t be complete without a stop by their favorite chocolate shop, The Chocolate Cafe!

LOVED their cake and cake topper!

Rose petals galore! 🙂

I found Kristin’s notes for her toast…so cute!

Guess where this was taken?! In the bathroom of their honeymoon suite! LOL Yep, just look for good lighting and a unique angle and you’ll find me shooting there!

Thanks for a fun time you guys!! Hope you had a blast on your honeymoon! 🙂

A few times during the year, we partner with Karen Hall & Company for a class photo shoot. CLICK HERE to read a past blog entry for more info, pricing, etc. We’re looking for 3 models who would like to participate in our next class photo shoot on 9/20 in downtown Indy. This is a great opportunity for models & aspiring models to broaden their portfolio and it’s only $100 for these mini photo shoots with FREE hair & make-up provided by the students in the class! 😉 These classes always fill up in a hurry so email me ASAP if you’re interested! [email protected]

After Chris & Jen’s engagement session, we headed over to Laura & Jason’s home to photograph their beautiful new baby girl, Ava!! We brought our portable studio backdrops in for some neat, dramatic lighting shots and then photographed the second half of her shoot in her natural environment – the best of both worlds! 🙂 Check out her cute, tiny baby feet!!

Holding on to mom…

Asleep on dad’s arm…soooooo sweet!!

Adorable family shot…you can tell that she is soooo loved!!

We propped Ava up on Laura & Jason’s bed to get some cute naked baby shots with the damask comforter in the background, but Ava decided she had to go potty…oops! LOL Isn’t her expression priceless?! It was like “My bad!” 😉

Please oh please oh please get a canvas of this one!!!! 🙂 She has SUCH a sweet face and an adorable little pink hat, I love it!! 🙂

Or this one…I can’t choose, she’s just too cute for words!! 🙂

Thanks for a fun time!! Give Ava a big hug from all of us!! 🙂