My 33rd b-day!

Last weekend was amazing, we celebrated my 33rd b-day by taking the weekend off and filling it full of fun things to do together. Last Friday we went to the First Friday food truck fest at the Murat. We had always wanted to go check it out and it was pretty neat. I found an amazing BBQ turkey truck! Yum! On Saturday we went out to Tuttle’s, our favorite orchard. We picked apples and went through their cute little store then we headed to Buca’s for my b-day dinner. After that we went to my dad’s house to watch the Notre Dame game, wish they would have won!

On Sunday, my Aunt Mary & I had a joint b-day party that night that was a lot of fun. Classic Cakes made us an amazing ruffled, ombre cake that looked so awesome! 🙂 We all had a good laugh that night because my sister Leah bought me the “Wedding Dogs” book for my b-day without realizing that we’re actually published in it!! LOL! I was able to show off our work and the story in the book, it was so funny.

Then on Monday, John & I had lunch with dad at Cheesecake Factory where we told him that after lunch, we were heading to the Humane Society and that he was going to be a “grand paw” again. LOL! That afternoon we rescued two beautiful kitties, Lola & Chloe. They both jumped in John’s lap as soon as he sat down in the catio area. They literally said, “choose us!” So we did! Lola is the gray & white 2 1/2 year old kitty and Chloe is the 5 month old kitten, who we recently figured out likes to play dress up! I bought her the cutest outfits and she LOVES to wear them! I plan on doing a little photo shoot with her and her outfits soon. 😉




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