Stephany + Frank = Engaged!

Last week we met up with Stephany & Frank for their awesome engagement session in downtown Indy! Occasionally we do a “traveling” engagement shoot where we stop at a few places within a designated area to capture different looks & backgrounds and I LOVED what they had in mind! We started at the War Memorial Park downtown, then headed over to a nearby alleyway for some dramatic shots, then over to Angie’s List, where they both work. I had NO idea that the Angie’s List campus was as big and as awesome as it is!! Not only is it the PERFECT spot for an engagement shoot but they even have a little diner in the back that was so cute and we ended up shooting there right at sunset so it actually looked like they were enjoying morning coffee together! How perfect is that?! We even got to go up on the rooftop for some sunset pics against the Indy skyline, it truly couldn’t have been a more perfect night. I also had a “full circle moment” when I walked into the firehouse part of Angie’s List. I used to take our FILM (well, specialty projects) to the old Firehouse Colorlab that used to be located in that space about 15-20 years ago ~ isn’t that crazy?! LOL! It was cool to be back there again and see how they revamped the space for office use. Thanks for a fun night you guys, more pics coming soon! 🙂



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