Trash The Dress

So much time, effort and money goes into planning weddings these days and of course every engaged couple wants their wedding day to be flawless! In today’s blog post, we’re giving our dedicated followers some practical tips, insider secrets and tricks of the trade that we’ve learned from over 20 years of experience in photographing weddings. We hope this helps you create a stress free wedding day!

  1. Remind your wedding party & families not to post any photos to social media until AFTER the wedding. This is especially important if you’re not seeing your groom before the ceremony, there’s a chance that he could be scrolling Facebook or Instagram while hanging out with the guys beforehand and accidentally see a photo of you in your dress posted by a well-meaning friend or family member.
  2. Print out your photo schedule and have extra copies on hand to give to your families and wedding party members at your rehearsal. The night before is a better time to answer any logistical questions and it gives everyone an idea of the overall game plan for the wedding day so that they’re all on time and where they need to be for photos to run smoothly.
  3. Do a trial run of your hair & make-up beforehand and see how long it takes them to actually do your hair & make-up. This should give you a good indication as to how much time they’ll need on the wedding day so that you can allow plenty of time in your schedule. This also gives you a chance to give them feedback on what you like and don’t like so they can make any adjustments before the wedding day.
  4. Choose a long lasting lipstick that won’t come off easily when you’re kissing your groom during photos! (And do a trial run of that beforehand too) I can’t tell you how many grooms have been annoyed by constantly having to remove pink or red lipstick or lip gloss from their lips after each shot! LOL
  5. Wear practical shoes! I love it when brides choose cute, sparkly or fun shoes but try walking around in them for a few hours and see if they’re really as comfortable as they seemed in the shoe store. I always suggest that you consider bringing a more comfy option for the reception because after standing in high heels for 10-12 hours in a heavy dress on a hot day, those once comfy shoes can seem like the shoes from hell by 10 p.m. Trust me on this one.
  6. If you’re wearing a veil, just know that every time someone hugs you, they probably won’t think to wrap their arm UNDER your veil. This means that every time you’re hugged (which will happen a LOT that day) your head will be yanked back. Not only do you want to make sure that your hair style is very secure but you’ll also want to crisscross 2 bobby pins in 1 or 2 spots to attach the comb to your scalp to make sure it’s extra secure to avoid a veil mishap!
  7. When it’s time for your final dress fitting, take your maid of honor, mom or a bridesmaid with you so that they can see how to bustle your dress. Additionally, it’s good to ask your alterations person to either color code or number the bustles so that whoever is bustling you can easily figure it out during cocktail hour. Also, pack large safety pins in an emergency kit because we’ve seen hundreds of bustles break in our career. People accidentally step on the edge of the dress while dancing and it just happens. Don’t freak out, just pin it up and continue enjoying the night!
  8. Wear waterproof mascara and even if you don’t think you’ll be super emotional, tuck a Kleenex into your dress or bra, just in case. You never know when someone may say something heartfelt that will start the waterworks and you certainly don’t want to spend lots of time redoing your make-up! Also, if you do cry, blot the tears with a Kleenex, never wipe them away. Blotting makes for a quicker make-up touch-up if needed.
  9. Allow extra time in your schedule. ALWAYS. You never know when you’ll run into delays, traffic, someone who forgot something, etc. We always allow extra time in our schedules and have an emergency kit handy, just in case. Our goal is to educate our clients and help set them up to create a successful, memorable wedding!

As always, if you’re still in need of a photographer for your upcoming wedding, click HERE to check availability of your wedding date!

Misty had so much fun when we photographed her wedding last year that she decided that she wanted to do a trash the dress session with us! Instead of doing it alone though, she included her bridesmaids and friends in the photo shoot. Although it was scorching hot that day, we all had a great time with lots of memorable photos! 🙂 We started out in Broadripple…

Love this one!

Then headed over to the train tracks in Fishers…

Then we finished up at a park in Carmel…I loved her balloon shots! 🙂


She & her BFF Molly had a silly string fight! LOL

GLEE!! 🙂

I’d say we sufficiently trashed the dress! LOL

Thanks for a great time ladies!! More pics coming soon! 🙂


I’m soooo excited to announce that our newly redesigned website is now LIVE!! John at InspireMedia did SUCH an amazing job on it, he’s awesome!! 🙂 It was such a huge project to take on, but it was so worth it…the new site features include: animated drop down navigation, flash based slideshows, page transition animation, full screen images and some of my favorite music set to the custom photo galleries. I think my two favorite galleries are “Bling” and “Pets” you’ve GOT to check them out!! 🙂 We hope you all enjoy the new website and find it easier to navigate and full of ideas! XOXO

Just wanted to post a quick note to all of our clients….if you have reprint orders, parent albums or a wedding album order to submit to us, please email it to us NO LATER THAN Thanksgiving Day in order to have a better chance of receiving your order before Christmas. We placed a huge album order last week and we’ve already received an email from our distributor saying that our most popular albums are on back-order for 20 business days right now and it could be even longer depending on the overseas manufacturer’s ability to ship more albums before Christmas. Due to the sheer volume of orders that we receive during this time of year every year, we can not guarantee album orders will be completed before Christmas but the quicker you get your image selections to us, the better chance you’ll have at receiving your beautiful album by Christmas morning!! 🙂

Reprint & enlargement orders are guaranteed for Christmas if ordered by 12/1/09, after that, rush fees will apply. (We would prefer to have all reprint orders in by Thanksgiving but 12/1 is the absolute latest deadline for reprint orders if your wedding was before 10/1/09) Also, we will be re-extending ALL sendtoprint websites this week so that you will be able to place your orders online before the 12/1 ordering deadline. Please email me asap at [email protected] if you have any questions regarding this process. 😉

And since a blog post is totally boring without photos…meet Buddy, our newest addition to our furry family! 🙂 We rescued him from a shelter 2 weeks ago and he is the best dog!! He’s so well behaved, he’s good with our kitties & he’s VERY smart…he loves to pose for mommy’s camera 🙂









Many more pics of Buddy to come!! He’s sporting his new Colts jersey for the big game tonight so you can bet there will be photos of that! 🙂

Hey everyone! We’re back from vacation and catching up on the blog today…lots of new pics!! YAY! 🙂

On June 14th, we photographed Angela & Mike’s trash the dress session in downtown Indy & Plainfield. I was SUPER excited for this shoot…it has been 3 years in the making, seriously. Three years ago, Angela called us to shoot her wedding but unfortunately, we were already booked for her popular wedding date. Fast forward to their wedding day – they ended up really disappointed in the other photographer they booked for their wedding (the lady fell asleep at their wedding, I kid you NOT!) :O so yeah, needless to say, they were still in need of some amazing images in their wedding attire, so Angela contacted us about shooting her trash the dress session!! 🙂

These are some of my all time favorite pics from their shoot…the lighting was amazing, they looked amazing, the weather turned out to be amazing…LOVED it!

Mike works on Harleys so we were able to incorporate their bike into some pics…

I think my favorite thing about this shoot is that Angela totally trusted us 200%. When we talked about different locations to shoot downtown, she said she wanted the urban/chic look with some nature/water pics at the end, other than that, it was up to us. There are so many times that I drive around downtown Indy and find a random spot and think “that would make a cool photo location” but the spot is only good for a few cool shots, not an entire shoot. So I asked her if she was up for stopping wherever I wanted to shoot the whole day…kind of a new concept…we just randomly drove around downtown and stopped whenever we found one of those neat spots…I think more and more people are going to want to do this “wandering” approach now. Check out my favorites from our downtown travels!!

One of my all time favorites….yeah, I went there… 🙂

Another all time fave!!

And another…lol…loved her expression!

I’ve always wanted to shoot at this wall…reminds me of the Dolphin Pavilion at the zoo!

Looks like he’s saying “Whatcha doin’?”

GORGEOUS!! Angela is sooooo pretty, she should model, shouldn’t she?! Those eye are AMAZING!

Then we headed down to Mass Ave to find some cool spots around the alleys…

Then headed to Plainfield for her water shots…she looks so “Country girl goes Hollywood” here 🙂


You gotta love a girl who brings cute rain boots with her to her shoot! 🙂

She got a good catch! 🙂

Water fight!!

Thanks for a fun time you guys! More pics coming soon! 🙂