We love Kirles Jewelers!

We’ve been working with Kirles Jewelers for the past several months on a variety of photo projects! Their new billboard will be up on Keystone soon which features a photo that we took for them so we’re super excited about that. John is working with them on developing a new website for their company this year and we’ll be photographing a wedding in their family this year too, so needless to say, we’ve gotten to know them really well and they’ve been amazing to work with through all of these projects and photo shoots!! ┬áMy new ring “upgrade” for our upcoming 10th wedding anniversary came from Kirles and it’s STUNNING! They did an AMAZING job on it!! When John and I got married in 2003, unique ring shots weren’t as popular as they are today, so I’ve been excited to do a photo shoot of my new ring and of course we’ll be using some of these shots in other upcoming marketing & promo pieces for Kirles! Talk about a win/win! :)