Fabulous photography is absolutely priceless! A professional photographer will guide you through the entire wedding process with ease, know what to expect on the wedding day, have back-up equipment on them, be able to quickly handle all kinds of lighting situations, and know how to pose you to make you look your absolute best. (Did you know that by turning your body at an angle and shifting your weight to your back foot while pointing your other foot forward, you can instantly lose 10-20 pounds through the camera? Yep, it’s true!) A seasoned pro should be able to tell you these kinds of tricks and secrets so that you will look AMAZING in your photos!

When you hire Erin Hession Photography, you’ll get our insider posing secrets from over 20 years of wedding photography experience along with photos and memories that will last forever. It sounds cheesy, but it’s so true. We take care of our clients like we take care of our best friends. We only photograph one wedding per day (and usually only 1 per weekend) and we limit the number of weddings we book each year in order to provide the best possible five star service to all of our clients and their families. Your wedding is the only wedding we will take on that day, we won’t be coming from another wedding before yours or heading to another wedding after yours! We devote our time for your wedding to be all about YOU and what YOU desire for your dream day!

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