We photographed this sweet couple’s wedding at Black Iris and had so much fun with them that day! They are so cute together and they just love to have fun, I love that about them!! The weather was a bit unpredictable but we managed to get quite a few outdoor pics for them before it started sprinkling, but Sarah came prepared – she had a cute umbrella for some rainy day pics!! I loved it! 🙂 I loved all of their fun and unique details too…her dress was gorgeous & each bridesmaid wore a different colored dress which was awesome and their flowers were STUNNING!! I was obsessed with them! Their cake was a hand painted work of ART, it was almost too pretty to eat! That day also happened to be Stu’s birthday so Sarah surprised him with his favorite rhubarb pie after dinner and he loved it! They were so lucky and got a gorgeous sunset that night and then everybody partied hard until the very end, it was a great day! Thanks for a great time you guys, more pics coming soon!! 🙂


Photography: https://erinhession.com/
Venue & coordination: https://www.blackirisestate.com/
Catering: https://www.thomascaterers.com/
Officiant: https://www.weddingofficiantindianapolis.com/meet-veronica
Cake: http://www.heavenlysweetscakes.com/
Flowers: http://www.accentfloraldesign.net/
Dress: https://www.bridesbyyoung.com/
Tux: https://www.louiestuxshop.com/
Hair & make-up: http://somethingbluestylists.com/
Ensemble: https://thedeocensemble.com/
DJ: https://completewedo.com/indianapolis/dj/

In their words…

1.      How did he propose?

He took me to Prague for my 29th Birthday and proposed in the apartment we rented! I was in the bedroom unpacking my suitcase, and he called me in to another room asking me if I knew what something was, and when I walked in, he had thrown rose petals all over the floor and was on one knee.  My husband isn’t much of a planner, so the fact that he went to a craft store, bought fake rose petals, snuck them into his suitcase, etc., was a huge surprise!

2.      What was your favorite wedding moment?

I think the whole “marrying the love of my life” thing is too obvious of an answer, so I’m going to give another one: the speeches.  Stu and I talked after the wedding about what beautiful speeches people gave for us at the wedding, and how much it meant to us that so many people really spoke from the heart– we felt so much love, and it was really beautiful.

3.      What was his favorite wedding moment?

(I promise this was his answer and I’m not making it up to make myself look better!!)  His favorite moment was being surprised with his favorite pie – Strawberry Rhubarb.  It was his birthday and I wanted him to have something birthday related and special, so I arranged to have his favorite pie dropped off in front of him.

4.      What was the funniest wedding moment?

Watching people – my husband included – on the dance floor!

5.      What was your first dance song?

So, I’m a huge fan of musicals/musical theater, and Stu very, very sweetly agreed to have a song from a musical as our first dance. It was a song called “All I’ve Ever Known” from the musical Hadestown.  We both agreed that it was a great song for us – we both sort of thought we’d be single forever, not in a bad way, just that we didn’t yearn for a lifelong companion or anything (I wanted to be a cat lady) and the song essentially is about a couple talking about how they’d been alone for a long time, and they thought it was fine, but then they found love and all they want is to stay with each other forever.

6.      What advice would you give to future couples? I’m not the best at giving advice, but here’s what we’ve got…don’t be afraid to ask for help — if you’re so thirsty you’re going to die, ask someone for some water. If you need a second to sit, then sit. Remember that the people at your wedding are people that love you – they’re not there to judge you for your wedding, they just want to support you. (I agree!!) 🙂

We photographed this awesome couple’s wedding at the Montage and we had a blast with them that day!! Robin was actually a bridesmaid in a wedding that we photographed several years ago and so we connected on Facebook after the wedding. I was so excited when she called me and said she was engaged to a great guy! I knew she would be a blast to work with and I think their personalities definitely shined through in their pics!! Robin is really laid back and has the funniest sense of humor, she had us laughing all day long! 🙂 I loved all of their fantastic details, especially her hot pink flowers (LOVED them!!!), her jewelry, their cake, uplighting, personalized napkins & the “I Do” on her shoes! Thanks for a fun time you guys, more pics coming soon!!


Venue & coordination: http://www.themontage.info/
Officiant: Adrienne Tanner

In her words…

1.      How did he propose? “He proposed at the Cake Bake Shop. It was so crowded and loud he couldn’t even get down on his knee or say much. I just snatched the ring off the dessert plate and put it on!”

2.      What was your favorite wedding moment? “Watching the kids dance”

3.      What was his favorite wedding moment? “Using the Army sword on the cake!”

4.      What was the funniest wedding moment? “Laughing with each other during the ceremony”

5.      What was your first dance song? “Sweet Child of mine. Post Modern Jukebox version”

6.      What advice would you give to future couples? “Have fun and relax!”

7.      Where are you going on your honeymoon? “To Boston….with his parents!” 🙂

We photographed this sweet couple’s wedding in West Lafayette and we had so much fun with them that day!! You can tell that their families are all so close and they were all so sweet and welcoming to us! 🙂 I loved all of their gorgeous details that day too…her shoes, hair piece, garter, flowers, cake & cupcakes were all so perfect! I really loved their bumble bee touches – Maurice calls Mary his “honey bee” so he had bumble bee socks on and they incorporated sugar bees on top of some of their cupcakes! They also gave their wedding party little jars of honey on the head table! SO CUTE!!

You can tell that they really truly love each other…when we were photographing them, they were just so happy to be together and they were always in their own little world. It was the sweetest thing to witness!! Thanks for a fun time that day, more pics coming soon!! 🙂


Photography: https://erinhession.com/
Church: https://stboniface.org/
Reception: http://thetrailsbanquets.com/
Flowers: http://www.juliesflowers.org/
Cake: http://www.mammawssweetshoppe.com/
DJ: https://djindiana.com/
Coordination: Marie Smyth
Beauty: Tina Jenkinson


We photographed this sweet couple’s wedding at Union Station and we just adore them and their families!! They were all so sweet to work with and you could literally FEEL the love that everyone that was in attendance has for this couple. It was awesome! They had so many gorgeous details and unique touches that made the day just perfect. Christa had 2 dresses, one for the wedding and one for the reception and they were both stunning! We loved her shoes, flowers and jewelry as well as their cake, uplighting & details. The venue was perfect for them!

Christa surprised Jordan with a pin that had a photo of his mom on it so that he would have her next to his heart all day. It was so sweet! After their first look, we took photos inside at Union Station and took advantage of the gorgeous window light, stained glass windows, bar, railroad track details and altar area, it was all beautifully decorated! Their ceremony was so heartfelt and right before their first kiss, they did a secret handshake and the crowd went wild!! 🙂 You can just tell that they adore one another so much and that they love to have a good time together! Thanks for a great time you guys, lots more pics coming soon!!


Photography: https://erinhession.com/
Venue, catering & coordination: http://www.downtownindianapolisweddings.com/
Decor: Heather Lattimore
DJ: www.gnouniverse.com
Cake: http://www.taylorsbakery.com/
Florist: https://www.georgethomasflorist.com/ andhttp://theemptyvaseindy.com/
Uplighting: http://grinsandgigglesllc.com/
Rentals: http://www.impactgroupinc.com/ and https://www.aclassicpartyrental.com/
Dresses & tuxes: https://gretchensbridalgallery.com/
Bridesmaid dresses: https://sophiasbridalandtux.com/
Flower girls dresses: https://www.davidsbridal.com/