New toys!

I'm so excited, it's been like Christmas all over again this week! Yesterday, I finally had some time to go check out the Nikon D300 (remember this post?) well, I stopped by Robert's yesterday and I fell in love with it and bought it on the spot! Even at 3200 ISO, the grain was nearly invisible…I didn't even know I was shooting at 3200 at first – holy cow!! Then I start playing around in the menu and OMG, it shoots in color, B&W, sepia and cyanotype!?! AWESOME!! The focusing on the camera is insanely accurate too. 🙂 Click here to read more about the D300!

John & I will be doing a lot of traveling for photo shoots, conventions and seminars this year so we had discussed getting an iPod touch this month so that we could still be somewhat connected to the world while away from the office…well, he went online this week and bought one at Circuit City and then came home with it and showed me what my blog looked like on the little 3.5 inch screen and I fell in love with that too! It was so cute and it will be incredibly useful when traveling so I had him go back and get me one. I just wish they made them in pink! LOL I think tonight he's going to go get me a pink cover for it and find out if they have a stylus pen for it…my nails are constantly in the way when I try to type, so yeah, that could be a problem. But I'm sure there's a way to work around that. 🙂 I love playing with new toys, I've been in "gadget heaven" this week!! 🙂



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