Holy cow…

I know most of you saw my post last week about us being in the running for WRTV's A-List in the category of "Indy's Best Wedding Photographer" and I checked out the comments again tonight on my listing…holy cow.  I'm so lucky to have such an amazing career, amazing clients, amazing staff and an amazing life. When I started out shooting weddings in '94 (yes, high school) I had NO IDEA where it would all lead. Who would've ever thought that 13 years later, so many people would be voting for us and cheering us on like this! (This feels like American Idol…but I promise, I won't sing…) LOL We meet so many cool people every weekend and we have such a great time, I'm so lucky. You guys all made my night (again!) and I truly appreciate all of the kind words…I couldn't ask for a better life. 🙂


"Erin and staff produces wonderful photos that not only capture the day/event, but the emotion that goes with in. Not to mention what wonderful people they are. "

Dawn Stemle

"Erin and her wonderful assistants photographed my best friends wedding on August 18th. I already knew from seeing my friends pre-bridal portraits that she was an amazing photographer, so I wasn't surprised by the quality of her work. What I was surprised by was how friendly, personal, just plain out nice they all were to everyone in the wedding party. Unlike other weddings I've been in where the photographer BARKS orders at everyone so they feel like they are in the army, they were calm and patient. What a delightful change! Erin has such an eye, getting the perfect shots at those intimate moments. I was so touched with one picture at the ceremony when my friends brother sang the Father/Daughter song and caught the family moment afterwards. How touching and personnel. THOSE are the moments people remember and she captured it beautifully!!! Oh, and it doesn't hurt that she makes everyone look so darn good in the pictures too!!! I can't wait to set up my own little session with Erin soon! "


"Erin photographed my daughter's wedding two years ago – best choice I made! She was just wonderful to work with and the pictures were so creative. Very responsive to e-mails – we loved her, John and Diana!"


"They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. Erin is truly excited for every bride and her joy comes out in your pictures. "

Christine A. ~ carmel, Indiana

"Erin and her staff are AWESOME! They have photographed two events for me, and she always does an AMAZING job. I love her creative abilities and her willingness to go the extra mile for the perfect shot!"


"Erin and her staff are incredible. We love our album and received so many compliments on the photography. Erin makes the day run smoother – extremely organized . No other wedding photographer that I have seen has been as comprehensive in their coverage or as efficient as Erin and her crew."


"She is a WONDERFUL photographer! She has photographed my wedding, rehearsal, reception, a friend's bridal shower, my sister's maternity shoot and baby shower as well as my newborn nephew. She is always professional, kind and ingenious!"


"I have never used Erin Hession Photography myself but have heard comments from many others about the great quality of work."


"Erin and her team photographed my daughters wedding last month and I have never seen such remarkable shots in my entire life. So many emotions captured for our memories, you wonder where you were when she took them and how you could have missed it. "

Michelle Flowers

"Erin is so professional, fun and amazing at what she does. She basically helped me plan my wedding. I had no idea where to start and she sent me in the right direction, she's incredibly knowledgable. I didn't have to ask for a single thing on my wedding day because she was right there, literally, taking care of me. She goes above and beyond the duties of a wedding photographer. She took care of everything! And the pictures were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! I had no idea I could be so pretty. Anytime I hear of somebody getting married I ALWAYS refer them to Erin Hession. She's the BEST IN THE BUSINESS as far as I'm concerned!!!!!!"


"Erin and her team are so sweet and low key…they made my wedding day stress free and I have so many wonderful pictures that bring the memories to life!"


"My roommate just had her wedding in June and the pictures turned out great! There were even pictures developed by the time of the reception for everyone to see. In December the groom's sister is using Erin for her wedding too!"

Bonnie Orsa

"They photographed my daughter Kelly's wedding. Which turned out wonderful. "

AdriAnne Jones

"They are wonderful, they not only take your photos which are awesome but they care about you and want your day to be perfect. They are easy to work with and are NOT rude. They are the most genuine people I know and I have used them since my wedding and will continue in the future. It is more than a business to them it is their passion. They only do top notch work!! They were a miracle to us!!"


"Erin's photography is amazing. She is photographing my wedding on 6/7/2008 and I cannot wait! The pictures are the memories of weddings and I know that mine will be the best because of Erin and Staff! I am always looking at her blog to see what NEW photography she has done and it just always seems to amaze me!"


"One word, AWESOME!"


"Because she has the best side-shooter in the business!" (LOL…of course!! ….this one is from Melissa's husband…LOL)

Amanda Meyer

"Erin and her staff are phenomenal! Her personality is great, and she truly cares about all of her clients. Since she has photographed my wedding, I've become addicted to her photography!"

Angie Eberhart

"Erin Hession photographed my wedding in April and she did an amazing job. Most of the time we didn't even know she was there. They say the day goes so fast and you can't remember anything… when I got my pictures I was able to relive my whole wedding day. She does a great job and is very reasonably priced especially for all of the extra things she throws into her packages that I just didn't find with anyone else. Our album is also beautiful. The first time I saw it I cried! She is a wonderful photographer that I would recommend to anyone."


"She is an amazing photographer. SO MANY different ideas. Just AMAZING. "

Crystal Shively

"The most awesome photography I have ever seen. They have a great relationship with their clients and make them feel very comfortable! I haven't used them personally yet but my fiance's sister did. They will be photographing my wedding on 6/7/2008! I have seen so much of her work already though on her blog. I look at it all the time! I am so excited for my wedding pictures!"

Corrina Mccorkle

"Erin and staff are the best out there, no one comes close to the services they provide. "

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