December 2012

On 12/8 we photographed Summit Realty Group‘s Holiday Party at a beautiful home in Zionsville! We took lots of photos of their staff in front of a stunning Christmas tree but we also had the chance to shoot lots of beautiful decor & details ~ my favorite! 😉 To top it off, we found out that Thomas Caterers was the caterer for the event!! You KNOW it’s a good party when they’re the caterers!!! 😉 Thanks for a great time everyone!


On 12/8, we met up with this adorable family at the monument for some updated family photos! They were so cute together and I think Cade definitely had a good time! Cresta said that she had the Colts game on TV yesterday and Cade saw a photo of the monument and he said “look Mom, maybe we’ll see Erin!” LOL!! He was the cutest thing ever!!! 🙂 Thanks for a fun time you guys!

On 11/28, we met up with our friends Kristi & Nick for their engagement session! Several of you probably recognize Kristi since her family owns Kirles Jewelers, the best jewelry store in Indy! Nick popped the question at Mama Carolla’s and bought her an AMAZING ring of course, so I suggested that we shoot lots of cool ring shots and re-enact the proposal and then head downtown for some fun shots on the circle. I LOVE this time of year down at the monument!! I love it that everything is decorated for the holidays with extra twinkling lights everywhere, it makes for some amazing pics, that’s for sure! 🙂 Kristi & Nick are a super cute couple too, I can’t wait to shoot their wedding next Summer!!! 🙂 Thanks for a fun time you guys!


When I was a little girl, my dad came to me with an idea called Erin’s Special Day, where one day each year, we’d devote the entire day to hanging out with each other, doing fun things & he would always say that I would get to do whatever I wanted us to do together on that special day. I LOVED the idea of course and would dream up cool things to do with dad for that day each year. I remember one year he took me down to Union Station (back when it was an amusement/shopping area) and we played games, had lunch, shopped and he bought me this beautiful crystal rose in a vase from a glass maker that we met that day, it was a fun memory for sure. Over the years, we’ve done a lot of fun things together, including a trip to Vegas during WPPI one year (that trip literally changed my entire career), and it’s a day that he and I always look forward to every year. I asked him how he got the original idea for ESD and he said, “ESD was an idea I had to offer you a special day for us to be together, break up the routine and give you the opportunity to go wherever you’d like, do whatever you’d enjoy doing and sharing the fun, love and smiles together! Certainly one of the best ideas I’ve ever had.” You got that right!! 🙂

The other night I started thinking about when we started ESD and he & I both think that we started this back in 1985, but apparently we didn’t do it for the first two years after John & I were married (what was I thinking?? lol) so this year will be the 25th anniversary of our annual ESD. Over the last few years we’ve done ESD around the holidays so a lot of our time together would entail Christmas shopping, movies, etc. but I really wanted to do something different and special for our 25th year. As most of you know, I spent my 30th birthday doing 30 Random Acts of Kindness for others and it was truly one of the best days of my life. (The lady who inspired me to do that has created a website devoted just to that idea, due to the overwhelming response that she got when she did it for her birthday. If you’d like to learn about The Birthday Project, click HERE!) Anyway, I decided that for this year’s ESD, I wanted to do 25 Random Acts of Kindness in honor of the 25 years of awesome ESDs that dad has given me and I want him to experience what I experienced on my 30th birthday! 🙂

We’ve put together a list (I know, not so random, but 25 is a lot for one day) and we’ve put together a fun plan & route for tomorrow, 12/5/12. I will be taking photos and posting updates throughout the day on Facebook as we complete all 25 items on the list. A lot of RAOK are for friends, family & people who we work with a lot throughout the year, as a way of saying thanks for all that they’ve done for us. I can’t wait!! Follow me on Facebook by clicking HERE and help make this year’s ESD extra memorable by joining in and doing a Random Act of Kindness too!! The more interactive, the better!! Post a comment and share your RAOK with us either on this blog post or on Facebook & share this story with others. I hope that all of you who are moms and dads out there will also consider doing a Special Day for your kids as well, trust me, they’ll love it! 😉

(Here’s a fun photo of me with my dad back in 1985) 🙂

Update…..ESD #25 was AMAZING!! LOTS of people posted on my wall, messaged me on facebook, sent me emails & texts, etc. It was a great day! 🙂 I wanted to update this post with some photos from the day…don’t judge, they’re all iPhone pics! 😉

This weekend we celebrated Buddy’s 5th Birthday! We took some pics around the Christmas tree and brought out the obligatory birthday hat for his annual photo. LOL! He was less than pleased about the hat but he kept that one eye on the treat that John was holding behind me. He got lots of extra love and treats and even a brand new hedgehog toy that he LOVES! We love you Buddy!! Thanks for being the best dog in the whole world! XOXO