September 2005

Many of you know that John & I are animal lovers so it probably won’t come as a surprise that we would like to encourage you to “dine for homeless felines” on either this Wednesday, 9/28 or Thursday, 9/29 during lunch or dinner at the Applebee’s at 86th & Ditch. (1436 West 86th street Indy 872-4470) 15% of all purchases will be donated to Cats Haven, Ltd. during both of those days if you print off and present this flyer to your server: http://kjsstrays.com/Resources/CatsHaven.pdf Please pass the word along & dine for the homeless felines! 🙂
Thank you!
Erin & John
Supporters of http://www.catshaven.org

Singer Island & WPB is such a neat place…the beach is beautiful, there’s tons of shopping – City Place & Worth Avenue are the two hottest shopping spots in the area and the island is filled with developers right now. Beautiful homes and condos are going up left and right! At the bottom of the collage is the church where Trump got married and part of Mara Lago is to the right of it…

I have the best job in the whole world! We had an awesome shoot this week. We flew down to West Palm Beach for a shoot with a new condo development going up on Singer Island. The real estate market is hot down there right now and we photographed the construction site and surrounding area for a new website that will be built in the coming months. (Pictures posted soon!) We went to City Place and Worth Avenue – two of the most elite, luxurious shopping centers in Palm Beach…we drove down Ocean Blvd, visited the church where Trump got married and even got to see Mara Lago on our short trip this week. I’m sure we’ll be back many times over the next year or two to finish up construction images and to start on the designer’s room interior pictures. We’ll post the website when it’s completed too, it’s going to be the next hot spot for honeymooners, that’s for sure!